Public Address System PAS2171

The PAS2171 is a high performance digital amplifier, perfectly suited for deployment throughout the entire train. Amplifier controls are delivered along side digital audio, in-band, via an Ethernet connection. With Integrated 100 V-Technology, the PAS2171 is well suited to retro-fitting to older generations of public address systems.

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    PAS2171.01 - Audio Power 120W (6 Channels)

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    Direct connector for 100V-Speakers

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    PAS2171.02 - Audio Power 120W (2 Channels)

Digital audio completely opens the doors to entirely new possibilities for passenger information systems.  Audio levels can automatically adapt to the passengers environment, guided by a variety criterion.  Typically integrating a modern digital amplifier in older trains would require a significant investment to fit additional network cabling to existing trains, the cost of which can be prohibitive.  For this reason, ErvoCom offers the PAS2171 as a more cost effective product for modernization, which enables rail operators to simply integrate a digital audio amplifier into existing loud speaker system.

Controlling the amplifier is done through in-band signaling which is delivered along the digital audio stream, with the conversion of the signal from digital to analogue being handled by an internal processor, before being handed off to a power amplifier.  Thanks to the highly modular concept, it is possible to extend the system with 100V-Technology as well as multiple power amplifiers, ensuring flexible integration into existing systems, while additionally offering redundancy.

With the help of the integrated UIC Interface, which serves as a redundant transmission path, announcements from train radios systems or other UIC capable devices can be broadcast over the loud speaker system.

Technical Specifications

  • Robust 19-inch rack unit with height of 3RU and a depth of 255mm
  • 3 Audio channels per power amplifier
  • Up to 50 W per audio channel
  • Independent per channel volume control
  • Audio Synchronization line for controlling pre-existing amplifiers
  • Independent UIC-Interface for redundancy
  • Embedded CPU: 2x850Mhz, 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash
  • Software updates over USB or Ethernet
  • Input for up to 2 microphones for measuring ambient noise levels

The PAS2171 is a part of the ErvoCom Passenger Announcement System and together with the RCSS2170 creates an innovative passenger information solution for trains.


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  • Modern digital audio amplifier (VoIP-SIP capable) with high efficiency

  • Improved audio quality due to lower interference transmission

  • Automated volume controls based on customer defined criterion

  • Audio output from over 100 W
  • Audio transmission redundancy via UIC

  • Modular and customizable expandability

  • Two microphone inputs to measure ambient noise

  • Option: UIC_Gateway (VoIP-SIP <-> UIC)

  • Conforms to EN50155 (T3) and EN45545-2

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