Stadler Rail (SBB)

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In 2017 SBB had ordered new Flirt trains from Stadler Rail, which will be used in Ticino/Italy and Western Switzerland. ErvoCom has received an order from Stadler to equip the trains with the Public Address System PAS2171, the passenger intercom FGSS2197 & emergency intercom HRSS2197 as well as the HMI DMI2177. After successful system acceptance with the end-customer, the first trains will be put into operation in 2020 outfitted with these components from ErvoCom and the trains likely going into operation within the year. The total scope of supply amounts to over 565 system components for the passenger information system for the new Flirt TSI trains.

Additional functions

Function extension PAS2171

TSI certification

Technology VOIP-SIP
Business partner Stadler Rail


Stadler Rail (SBB) - Passenger information for new Stadler Flirt TSI trains for SBB
Swiss Federal Railways SBB
Project realization