Train Radio Solution

The comprehensive train solution by ErvoCom offers customers the possibility to connect different sub systems such as passenger information system (PA & PIS), Intercom (emergency telephone station) as well as CCTV to the central communication platform, TRS2090. This leads to significant cost savings due to reduced usage of hardware components for the various sub systems.

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For our recent train radio solution, the TRS2090 operates as central wireless interface for all voice and data communications inside the train. Thereby, the below subsystems can be connected to the TRS communications platform:

  • Passenger information system
  • Emergency call system for passengers / emergency telephone station (Intercom)
  • Various camera systems (CCTV)
  • On board system

With the help of tranceiver modules, which are integrated in the TRS, it is possible to transmit data through different technologies such as DMR, TETRA, TEDS, LTE as well as WLAN, depending on the level of security, priority and data volume.

As a redundancy concept, one train radio system is installed in each of the two driver cabins. In normal operating state, communication goes through the local train radio unit in the occupied cabin, whilst during system failures the second, redundant unit is used.

In addition, due to the efficient use of system components it is possible to utilize the inactive train radio system as a data modem. This further eliminates the need for an additional systems.

The new and centralized platform generates significant cost savings and reduces space usage in the train by consolidating all the features and functions of multiple components into a single, simple, integrated unit.  By removing the need to purchase and install separate components, the total cost implementation and the installation time is grealy reduced.  As a perfect addition the infrastructure components and dispatcher working stations, the train radio system completes ErvoCom's product portfolio and covers all customer needs in train communication.


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  • Significan cost savings through the integration of all functionality into a single unit
  • Savings of space in trains
  • Fewer maintenance works, due to reduced usage of system components
  • Modularly extendible for future technological developments (4G or even 5G)
  • EN50155 third party certification
  • High level of reliability
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