Train Radio System TRS2090-M

Our newly developed multimode train radio system sets itself a standard as central platform for secure and effective voice and data communication through rolling stock via TETRA, TEDS, DMR, GSM, UMTS, LTE and WIFI.

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    Central Control Unit ZSE2140

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    COCO2137 Human Machine Interface

The new train radio system TRS2090 multimode enables railway operators to communicate through wireless interface from a central platform inside the train towards the control and service center. In additon to cost savings resulting from less hardware components, this solution offers saving of space inside the driver's cabin. Depending on client specific wishes, the system can modularly be extended with different RF-tranceiver modules such as Tetra, TEDS, DMR, 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI. The multimode TRS device offers additional interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, which allows connection for passenger announcement, passenger information, intercom as well as CCTV.

Our train radio system is EN50155 third party certified and offers the following features:

  • TETRA (voice call, SDS, PD, MSPD, TEDS) for secure and reliable voice as well as data communication
  • GSM & UMTS for voice and data communication
  • WIFI & LTE for broadband data communication (data service)
  • Event, error and alarm messages
  • Software update via USB stick
  • Ethernet connection to on-board systems
  • Data routing between rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Different case variations (IP20, IP65)
  • Connection port for HMI COCO2137 IP65 with high-resolution TFT display

Railway-specifc calls such as:

  • Train-running number based call (Functional Addressing)
  • Point to point voice communication
  • Group calls
  • Prioritization function of calls
  • Call sub-addressing for PA systems
  • Call sub-addressing for IC systems


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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  • Optionally extendible infrastructure for different technologies
  • Central platform for various voice and data applications inside rolling stock
  • Saving of space due to fewer hardware components
  • Cost savings due to fewer hardware components
  • High-quality, IP65 protected and train-specific HMIs
  • Combined voice and data interface for broad band communication
  • Passenger Emergency Interface
  • Railway standard EN50155 third party certification
  • IP65 protection for increased reliability, even in damp climate conditions
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