Central fire department Einsiedeln

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In 2017, the Einsiedeln central fire department decided to renew the communication system of the operations control center. For this purpose, they have opted for the modern communication platform sCOP2170, which allows communication to the various radio systems POLYCOM, analogue/DMR and telephony by means of one dispatcher console. In total, three locations (including civil defense facilities) were developed with the smart Communication Platform. In addition, the fire alarm system and a weather station were connected to the system, so that an alarm can be sent automatically via SMS and POCSAG in the event of fire or thunderstorms.

Thanks to the simple, intuitive operation of the system, communication with the various emergency services was greatly improved.

In addition to the new communication system, various vehicles were equipped with the VCC2152 tracking system with automatic target guidance.

Additional functions

Interface integration of the fire alarm system and a weather station

Technology Analog/DMR, POLYCOM, LTE


Central fire department Einsiedeln - OCC dispatcher communication in the central fire department Einsiedeln
Central fire department Einsiedeln
Project realization