Vehicle Communication Computer VCC2152

With its real time data transferring capability, the Vehicle Communication Computer (VCC) from ErvoCom sets itself a new standard in the automotive radio communication industry. Thanks to the modernized hardware design and intelligent software algorithm, our VCC can transfer data ranging from a simple GPS location to a sophisticated video stream in a cost- and time-effective manner.

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    3 x mini PCI-Slot with SIM-Card holder

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    User friendly configuration VCC2152

With advanced radio technology and miniaturized high-performance computer, our VCC is what you need to keep the fleet of vechicles virtually connected effortlessly and efficiently, wherever they move. In addition to the standard GPS location tracking, the real-time surveillance of vehicles makes it more powerful, thereby decision-making from the control station is rapid and instantaneous. The supplementary features like onboard WLAN hotspot, periodic synchronization of CAN-bus data, and a customized navigation application make this product even more dynamic and versatile. With the aforementioned features, Vehicle Communication Computer from ErvoCom is setting itself a new standard in the industry with its innovative approach to the vehicle fleet management.

Features VCC2152:

  • Vehicle tracking using GPS, GLONASS navigation system
  • 2xGSM, UMTS/HSPA+, LTE module including 2 SIM card slots for different service providers
  • WLAN (2.4/5GHz) up to 150Mbit/s with WPA2 encryption
  • Real time query/syncronization of vehicle data via the CAN bus
  • Mileage
  • Service interval
  • Fuel status, including automatic detection during refueling and transmitting the refilled status
  • Controlling the vehicle via CAN bus
  • Video Interface (DVI-D) access to vehicle display or external display (depends on the vehicle type)
  • Software update via USB/LAN/Ethernet 100Mbit/s interface, further capability to update over air interface
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power controller with system monitoring and automatic standby function


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Automatic order dispatch to the vehicles
  • Real-time surveillance of the vehicles
  • Synchronization of vehicle CAN-bus data with the server
  • Centralized broadband data communication over GSM/UMTS/LTE and WLAN (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Visualizalizing and operating with the vehicles internal display
  • Controlling the roof beam system with the CAN bus
  • Highly secured onboard WLAN Hotspot
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Operating temperature - 25°C to +70°C
  • Designed for harsh environment with heavy vibration
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