Cantonal police Bern

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Police organizations have a need for systems with an extremely high degree of reliability, since a defect of a component can have a huge impact on the operation. Especially in critical situations the police man has to rely fully on his equipment.
Based on those requirements, the cantonal police Bern has opted to use the vehicle computer of ErvoCom.

The system offers a wide spectrum of functionalities, such as pulling vehicle information about the fuel level by using a CAN-Bus. To make the most out of the limited space in the vehicle, the VCC2152 uses the existing screen of the car as an user interface. Additionally, the vehicle computer provides a WiFI signal to the patrolling person, which enables access to the server at the police station. (encrypted via VPN)

Additional functions

VPN encryption to the server

Information about vehicle fuel level and service interval

WiFi Hotspot for accessory devices

Usage of vehicle internal screen including touch-panel

Technology LTE, WiFi, CAN-Bus, GPS


Cantonal police Bern - Vehicle computer for tracking and surveillance of the car fleet
KaPo Bern
Project realization
2015 -