intelligent Radio Basestation iRBS2152

iRBS2152 is a modern radio base station that allows connecting digital IP-systems to a radio infrastructure. Audio- and data communications of different radio technologies can be merged and unified.

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Since digitalization is progressing even proven systems like ISDN are about to be renewed by now. Old technologies become obsolete and are renewed by IP systems. Nowadays new modern system architectures are based on IP technology in order to achieve maximum flexibility. With the new iRBS ErvoCom provides a product that allows the user to migrate also the radio infrastructure towards IP and to interconnect easily to IP networks.

Functionalities of iRBS2152

iRBS runs at Linux OS at a powerful CPU. All radio technology specific functions are controlled by embedded radio interface software. These can be e.g. direct point to point calls, group calls or emergency calls. The analog audio signals of the radio are coded into a digital VoIP- stream and hence it is easily possible via a VoIP-SIP client to interconnect to other IP systems.

Using this approach, for example a fixed line call can be routed to radio subscribers or vice versa. Hence an additional fallback level is provided and also the accessibility of users is improved by this additional communications technology.

Supported Radio Technologies

  • Analog & DMR
  • Analog & NXDN
  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio TETRA
  • LTE & WIFI



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