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Holon is a leading manufacturer in the development of autonomous buses. Reliable communication plays an important role since communication with passengers no longer takes place from a bus driver, but wireless via the control center. The innovative PAN platform of ErvoCom is the hub for the communication within the self-driving bus. Hence, the passengers can be reliably informed at all times by means of announcements and intercoms.


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ErvoCom has won the tender for the new train radio system of the Schneeberg railway in Austria, which is based on the latest McX technology. Following the success in Australia, the first 4G McX project in Europe, whose standard is an essential part of FRMCS, will thus also be realized. The historic rack railway under the Niederösterreich Bahnen organisation will receive a dual-mode system that runs both in the existing DMR radio network and via MCx in the 4G network, thus enabling optimum migration from old to new technology. In addition to the train radio, ErvoCom is also supplying the intercom system for communication with the passengers of the Schneeberg railway.


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ErvoCom has been awarded the contract to equip Stadler Rail's new rail vehicles for Ferrovie Autolinee regionali Ticinesi SA with a dynamic passenger information system. The scope of supply includes train radio systems, PIS audio systems (PAN) as well as the visual passenger information system including connection to the Customer System platform (CUS), so that customers are provided with real-time timetable data at all times. The eight new trains will be used between the Locarno (CH) and Domodossola (IT) lines.

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Train manufacturers and operators are always struggling with limited space in the driver's cab, as the same audio equipment is often installed for different systems, such as train radio and passenger information. Furthermore, the multiple microphones are not very user-friendly for the train driver to be able to manage the different operations of the subsystems. For this reason, ErvoCom is launching the railway audio splitter ASP23 which is an active microphone amplifier that splits the audio signal between two different subsystems on the train. This leads to a halving of the number of microphones required. In contrast to passive splitters, the audio signal is actively amplified and galvanically isolated.


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After the emergency intercom terminals FGSS2197 and HRSS2197 became best sellers within a very short time and usage at numerous mainline railroads (such as SBB), ErvoCom has launched a new intercom terminal unit for light rail and metro vehicles. The PICO22 impresses with its slim design and enables digital voice communication (full duplex) via VoIP-SIP with outstanding voice quality thanks to integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression. The emergency intercom units are available both for system partners for the purpose of integration into a customer owned system solution and as part of ErvoCom’s own PIS audio solution PAN.


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Stadler and ErvoCom have agreed on a platform partnership for the FIS audio system of the new innovative tram platform TINA. ErvoCom has already been supplying FIS audio systems to Stadler in the past. The Schwyz-based company has been able to demonstrate its quality and innovative strength in various mainline projects. Based on this positive experience, Stadler has decided to work even closer with ErvoCom. In future, ErvoCom will supply public address audio amplifiers, passenger & help intercom devices, driver telephones / intercoms as well as the central switching software including connections to the ITCS and TCMS systems.

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Hitachi has won the tender for a 25km monorail on the Panama Metro Line 3, supplying not only the infrastructure and telecommunications system but also 28 new trains. The Italian company with its parent company in Japan ordered 56 TRS2090 train radio systems from ErvoCom, consisting of the Central Control Unit ZSE2130 and the HMI CoCo2137. With the equipment of Hitachi Rail's new vehicles, ErvoCom has gained another important new train manufacturer as a customer, so that the family-owned company currently supplies on-board equipment to all major rail vehicle manufacturers in Europe.

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Following the already very successful cooperation with Stadler Rail and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), ErvoCom has been awarded the largest contract in the company's history at the end of 2022. Stadler will supply SBB, Thurbo and RegionAlps with 286 new FLIRT rail vehicles, with the option to deliver 224 more vehicles. The Swiss train manufacturer has selected ErvoCom as the supplier for the PIS audio system based on the SBB APFZ2.0 platform. The initial scope of supply is more than 6’000 system components from ErvoCom consisting of audio amplifiers, passenger / assistance intercom, driver intercom as well as Text to Speech (TTS) human machine interfaces for people with impaired hearing.

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Stadler USA has continued its successful expansion in North America, delivering 56 new trains for the Atlanta commuter rail system. High customer satisfaction has led the Utah-based train manufacturer to rely on Cab Radios from ErvoCom, as done already in previous projects. The 112 train radio systems consisting of a ZSE and a CoCo2137 are produced in cooperation with the US partner Railcom. For the first time, ErvoCom is supplying a train radio system based on P25 radio technology, which is very widespread in North America.

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Shaping the future of mobile communications in rail transport is a task that can only be mastered jointly. The ETSI MCX Plugtests are an important determination of where we stand on the way to the GSM-R successor technology FRMCS.

In cooperation with Frequentis and Nemergent, ErvoCom participated in the Observer Demo. More than 20 test cases were demonstrated with the ErvoCom train radio system, whereby a large part of the FRMCS voice functionalities could already be shown. The test took place over LTE base stations from Nokia this year. We would like to express our special thanks to Frequentis and Nemergent, with whom we were able to perform a successful end-to-end demonstration.

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Many rail operators are struggling with the challenge that the state of radio technology is advancing much faster than the replacement of rolling stock. ErvoCom offers the customer a remedy by developing innovative dual-mode train radios that will cover both, analog radio technologies as well as the latest 4G/5G broadband-technology based on MCx (part of the FRMCS standardization). In order to be able to optimally manage the migration between old and new radio technology, Baselland Transport AG (BLT) has decided to equip the 25 new Stadler TINA vehicles with this train radio solution from ErvoCom. The solution offers the customer the best possible investment protection by providing all preconditions to migrate gradually from the old to the new technology in the future.

Mini innotrans 2022

After a four-year break, Innotrans will finally take place again in Berlin from September 20-23, 2022. ErvoCom will be present with a large booth in hall 4.1, booth 665. Experience live the most modern and innovative digital audio and telephony solution PAN-SYS G2 for Rolling Stock on the market or inform yourself about the latest train radio solutions from ErvoCom. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally at our booth.