Vehicle Fleet Management System for Police

ErvoCom's innovative Vehicle Computer opens the door to broad range of advanced functional capabilities. When tailored to unique customer requirements, the system can bring unparalleled efficiency and power to existing operational workflows.

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Thanks to its modular design, the VCC2152 Vehicle Computer leverages high flexibility to deliver functionality that meets a diverse range of unique requirements.  Through the integration of independent functional components into a unified system, users benefit from streamlined workflows in a cost effective, purpose built solution.  Bringing within reach broad range of new possibilities and advantages which were previously inconceivable.

Features at a Glance

  • Remote polling of vehicle technical data
  • Mobile Network Router
  • Integrated Polycom Radio Operation
  • Centralised Job Management and Dispatch
  • Integrated Navigation and Guidance

Example Scenario 1
A major event has occurred and several emergency vehicles have to be dispatched to the scene. In order to communicate between each of the emergency services, a dedicated communications channel is used.

The dispatch center issues orders over the air to each of the emergency vehicles via an intuitive web interface. Upon receiving the order, navigational guidance to the emergency site is automatically started on the Vehicle Computer and the Polycom radio is switched automatically to the appropriate channel. 

Example Scenario 2
An emergency services vehicle for Patrol Route 1 has been in the field for several hours, before it receives orders from the dispatch center to attend to a situation.  However the fuel tank is approaching empty and would need to be refueled before making its way there.

The Vehicle Computer regularly transmits fuel and travel data back to a central server which automatically analyses the vehicle data and recognises that the emergency vehicle will need to be refueled. The work order dispatched to the car would automatically include the instructions for and co-ordinates of a fuelstation as part of the work order itself.


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  • Customer specific web interface allows for the effortless configuration of Vehicle Computers
  • Modularity and expandability ensures investment longevity
  • ErvoCom's extensive experience in the field of critical communications ensures reliable and secure communications
  • Userfriendly system updates, maintenace and administration reduces system management effort
  • Functional enhancements seamlessly delivered to operational devices via software updates 
  • Enhance and streamline existing workflows
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