Unified Cross Communication

A clean and clearly arranged work station significantly increases a worker's efficiency and pace. This is valid in radio communication as well. Subsequently, this has led us to develop a system, which integrates various radio technologies into one device and thereby contributes to an increase in overall working efficiency.

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Starting position
Due to historic reasons, fire departments often possess of an analog radio network. Normally, this is renewed with DMR due to the fact that existing the radio infrastructure is kept.

Emergency services such as for instance police forces generally operate with a distinct, area-wide network. This is often not compatible with the network used by the fire department. As a consequence, police and fire departments need an additional working station, which hinders efficient radio communication and takes up additional space. Adding further organizations leads to an even worse situation with regards to efficiency and space.

In combination with the SCOP2170, our DISCO2157 offers the possibility to integrate various radio technologies into one device. Thereby, we provide you with a central communications platform, which can be used to transmit and receive calls through different networks such as TETRA, DMR or Tetrapol (Polycom). System extensions due to additional organizations can readily be integrated into the existing system by ErvoCom.

Our SCOP2170 provides an additional possibility to, independent of the chosen technology, initiate direct calls between end devices. Thereby, calls between for instance TETRA and DMR end devices (handheld transceiver) can be established. Moreover, calls from a fixed line network to a TETRA radio are possible as well.

How it works
Our "Smart Communication Plattform" SCOP2170 acts as a gateway device in the control center. The SCOP2170 is responsible for consolidating multiple communication tools such as telephony (e.g. VoIP/SIP, ISDN or 2-wire analog), TETRA, Tetrapol (Polycom) and DMR. Subsequently, the dispatcher distributes communication tools among peripheral devices. Generally, various DISCO working stations are connected through ethernet LAN. Thereby, it is indifferent if the communication service is based on analog technology, works digitally (e.g. TETRA) or is even a VoIP telephony network. DISCO2157 working station operators generally work with participant contact lists and users no longer need to think about participant availability and selection of radio network service. The actual subscriber status is always available within the system. In combination with the Smart Communication Plattform, our DISCO2157 covers these complex processes in a time-efficient manner.


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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  • Integration of all radio technologies into one device lead to saving of space
  • Protection of innovation thanks to freely expansible structure
  • One control interface for all technologies
  • Easy communication handling without additional training
  • Communication across various public authorities
  • Integration of existing systems into new structure
  • Technology independent communication
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