Metro Barcelona (TMB)

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The metro Barcelona (TMB) has decided to replace the old radio communication system with a new DMR Tier III system in 2016. Adtel & Hytera Mobilfunk was awarded the contract to implement the radio system including terminals and ErvoCom was selected to equip all trains with the DMR TRS2090 Train Radio System. The Cab Radios for the Barcelona Metro were customized to reorient the screen and controls of the CoCo2167 with a 90° rotation as well as integrating an MVB interface for the rolling stock of CAF and Alstom into the ZSE. After delivery of the first lots in 2019, a total of 344 of the Train Radio System TRS2090 with HMI CoCo2167 will be installed by the end of 2020.

Additional functions

Integration MVB interface for CAF and Alstom trains

Customized CoCo2167 with a 90° rotation

Technology DMR Tier III
Business partner Hytera Mobilfunk
Partner Adtel


Metro Barcelona (TMB) - DMR Cab Radios TRS2090 for metro Barcelona
Metro Barcelona (TMB)
Project realization