Train Radio Dispatch System

The Train Radio Dispatcher System TRADIS2167 is a modern communication system for the control center and ensures efficient communication of the dispatcher with the locomotive driver and passengers. The system solution is a high-performance Ethernet-based client-server architecture tailored to rail operators and consisting of redundant servers (ICSS2100) connected to dispatcher workstations (DISCO2157).

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ErvoCom's train dispatcher is available in analog, DMR and Tetra technologies and can be ordered as a stand-alone dispatcher with connection via the air interface (iRBS) or as a solution with direct connection via the API of the digital radio base station. The Intelligent Communication SoftSwitch ICSS2100 is used as the central control unit of the system. The ICSS is responsible for switching and controlling the peripheral components. It handles bidirectional audio conversion (VoIP-SIP) and controls data transmission between the iRBS / API of the radio nezwork and the DISCO2157 operator terminals.

It is operated via a touch-based dispatcher console with loudspeaker, gooseneck microphone and handset, which has the following configurable function modules integrated:

  • Touch screen call buttons
  • Functional addressing (calls by train numbers)
  • Voice communication to the train driver
  • Emergency communication for passengers (PA, INTERCOM)
  • Optional call transfer from and to other telephone systems
  • Creation of special functional call groups
  • Listening in dangerous situations
  • Map interface with train positions
  • Route maps
  • SDS messaging
  • Phone book
  • Call history
  • Pre-recording for automatic announcements

TRADIS2167 was developed to provide an uncompromising and customized communication experience based on the latest industry standards. The ErvoCom software concept enables the implementation of very specific requirements for each railroad operator in a single intuitive user interface.


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  • Lower infrastructure costs compared to GSM-R
  • Scalable system concept
  • Functional addressing for efficient communication
  • GUI tailored to railroad operations
  • Possibility to connect the Public Address and Intercom system
  • Optional integration of telephony
  • High availability and reliability incl. redundancy



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