Train Attendant Intercom TAI2207

The TAI2207 is an innovative user interface for the train attendant that offers all possibilities for the operation of passenger information, CCTV and PA systems thanks to a large 10.4 inch touch screen as well as LAN & UIC interface. The user interface can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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Similar to the TAI2197, the Train Attendant Intercom terminal TAI2207 serves as the train attendant's communication interface with the train driver, control center and passengers. But this product has a much larger 10.4 inch touch display and additional UIC interfaces so that in the event of a network failure the communication to the passengers or the train driver and the control center still can be performed via the redundant UIC connection. Thus the TAI2207 fulfills important requirements regarding audio communication redundancy.

Often, especially at retrofit projects of older trains, high ambient noise is to be expected. Therefore, during the development of the TAI2207 great attention has been paid to noise cancellation and good voice quality. The train attendant can communicate quickly and easily by using a remotely connected handset with PTT button. Furthermore, the intercom terminal offers additional interfaces for the connection of a gooseneck microphone, duty speaker and a jack for playing audio via external devices. Similar to the smaller TAI2197, the larger version also features a color touch display with hardened cover glass to prevent scratches. Additional relay contacts enable nearby loudspeakers to be switched off, thus avoiding audio feedback during announcements.

The touch-intercom user interface can be customized to meet individual end-user needs. Furthermore, the TAI2207 displays an HTML5 website as a web client, which allows customers to display their own content and perform actions. Error diagnoses for monitoring the system components are made via status feedback (SNMP).


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  • User-friendly operation via capacitive touchscreen
  • 10.4 inch large color display
  • Display of diagnostics, CCTV or passenger information on integrated display
  • Separate 3.5 mm jack for music over PA system
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective protective glass
  • Separate connector for handset
  • Interface for separate gooseneck microphone and service speaker
  • Additional relay for decoupling of nearby loudspeakers
  • UIC 1/2 - interface for passenger announcements
  • UIC 3/4 - interface for communication to locomotive driver and control center
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