Rail Communication Softswitch RCSS2170

The digital communications switch RCSS2170 from ErvoCom offers high-quality digital audio transmission and reliable call handling, as well as ensuring the synchronization of multiple audio amplifiers, in a single platform. Using state-of-the-art switching technology to handle the routing of multiple parallel calls and audio streams, as well as adjusting amplifier volume levels automatically to adapt to real-time environmental conditions such as time-of-day, train speed, ambient noise levels.

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A modern passenger announcement and communications system requires more than just digital audio amplifiers. A smart communications switch capable of distributing multiple parallel calls and audio streams, based on pre-configured criterion, whiles handling audio codec conversion, is paramount.  Ensuring that audio signals between the Control Centre, Passenger Announcement Systems and Emergency Call Points are optimally tuned, is crucial for maximizing audio quality.  To meet these needs, ErvoCom has developed a digital communications switch, called the Rail Communication Softswitch RCSS2170, to be the heart of any high-end passenger communications system.

Functionality of the RCSS2170
All audio equipment installed in trains, such as GSM-Gateways, Emergency Intercoms, Train Radio Systems, Audio Amplifiers, UIC-Gateways, etc, are unified into single platform by connecting them with the RCSS2170 communications switch.  Calls and audio between each of these components are routed according to a customizable pre-configured number plan.  The RCSS2170 not only takes care of the distribution of calls and audio, but also, when needed, the conversion of audio from one codec to another.

For audio streams and calls made to passengers in trains with multiple PAA2171, PAS22171 amplifiers installed, the RCSS2170 handles the distribution of audio to the amplifiers, as well as the synchronization between them, ensuring echo free audio.  Volume levels can be configured to automatically adapt to the environment, using factors such as the time-of-day, train speeds, ambient noise levels, microphone audio levels, etc..

In combination with the PAA2171 and the PAS2171, the RCSS2170 offers a unique passenger announcement solution, delivering passengers an unprecedented level of audio comfort.


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  • Audio distribution to all in-train audio devices
  • Prioritization of calls and audio sources
  • Automatic audio volume adjustment based on pre-defined criterion
  • Synchronized output from multiple audio amplifiers (delay compensation)
  • Support for industry standard codecs such as G.711, G.722, Opus, Speex,...
  • Web-interface for easy configuration
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