Quality management and Certificate

High-quality products are a tradition in Switzerland. Hence, this aspect is important for our organization as well. Especially critical projects for security, surveillance, train communication, etc. require highest quality standards. For us, that's a given!

In order to meet these requirements, ErvoCom is constantly seeking partnerships to match our corporate values. An example here is our producer of etched wiring boards, Graf Elektronik. The company disposes of an immense know-how in the area of etched wiring boards, based on a long lasting experience. This enables the partner firm to professionally consult us for every single product. Production statistics as well as results from the automated samples or flying sample can be accessed at all times.

Normal iso9001

Since December 2009, ErvoCom is an ISO9001:2008 certified company according to quality management standards. The certification covers business areas of marketing and sales, project planning as well as development of communication systems.

Based on this certification we have taken a large step towards increasing quality levels for our customers, whilst constantly improving our business processes.

In 2015, ErvoCom received successful recertification. This prooves that our business processes and quality management standards are up to date and we were continually able to improve them further.

Normal sef label

SEF4KMU. Following the principle 'entrepreneur for entrepreneur', the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) supports growth-orientated firms in questions of strategy and financing. Companies with a high potential for success are awarded with the 'SEF.HighPotential SME' label, resulting in access to financing and risk management support. SEF4KMU is jointly supported by the Swiss Economic Forum, Allianz Suisse, UBS, the institute for intellectual property (IGE) and Swissmem.

«High orientation towards customers and technology leadership within our market niche are central points for our business», argues ErvoCom CEO Erich Vogt. «We are honored by this award. It confirms our strategy and excites us to continuously develop our company.»

Normal betriebssicherheitserkl rung page 1

ErvoCom received a declaration of military service security by the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS. As part of the screening process, the company was checked with regards to staffing and materials. This declaration of service sercurity allows ErvoCom to realize different classified DDPS projects in the telecommunications domain.