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Siemens Mobility is supplying 20 new Mireo Plus B rail vehicles for regional rail transport on Rail Network 8 near Ortenau. The German company group has awarded ErvoCom to equip the trains with the TRS2090 train radio system. The scope of supply includes 23 ZSE central control units and 46 HMI’s CoCo2137.



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It was with great pleasure that ErvoCom celebrated its 20th company anniversary on 04 October 2021. After focusing on system integration of communication solutions in earlier years, the company developed more and more into a system manufacturer, so that today both train radio and passenger information systems are offered as complete solutions. Thanks to continued reinvestment in innovation and the development of new products, the family business was able to grow steadily and in 2016 also fulfill the dream of its own company building.

ErvoCom would like to sincerely thank our customers, partners and employees for their collaboration and we're looking forward to continuing long-term development and expansion of our valued business relationships.

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Stadler Rail has received an order from SBB to supply 60 new double-deck trains. All new trains will be equipped with the PIS audio system from ErvoCom. The system is based on SBB's new passenger information system platform APFZ2.0. In addition to the Human Machine Interface DMI2177, the intercom terminals FGSS2197 & HRSS2197, the Train Attendant Intercom TAI2207 and the UIC-Gateway uCOB2200, ErvoCom will also equip the SBB trains with the new, fully redundant audio amplifier PAA2191. The first deliveries will be made in stages from September 2021.



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Almost a year has passed since ErvoCom was awarded the contract to implement a new Tetra radio system for Zurich Airport. After less than one year of implementation, the successful system acceptance test with the customer has now taken place. In addition to the installation and commissioning of the radio infrastructure, ErvoCom has developed various customer-specific solutions, such as object call servers, migration gateway Tetra-Tetrapol and special intercom terminals for dispatchers respectively apron control, so that Flughafen Zürich AG has received a radio system tailored to its daily needs. At the same time, ErvoCom meets the highest requirements in terms of reliability and availability.

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ErvoCom launches a new digital audio amplifier, which impresses by a compact design, the exceptional audio quality and a redundant system architecture. The full redundancy has the great advantage that the audio circuits of an amplifier no longer need to be guided to the neighboring car via the car-couplers since the TSI LOC&PAS is fulfilled now in one device. The Public Address Amplifier PAA2191 is the ideal product for customers who need a cost- and space-optimized PA solution with highest audio quality including redundancy.

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As of now, the product range in the area of Passenger Information Systems has been expanded. Customers can now purchase our Train Attendant Intercom terminals as well as a 10.4 inch touch control unit from ErvoCom. The Ethernet connected Train Attendant Intercom TAI2197 is a modern 7 inch multi-touch intercom device for the train attendant, that comes with an integrated handset. The Train Attendant Intercom TAI2207 is launched with a 10.4 inch multitouch display and integrated UIC interface. Hence it allows communication via VoIP-SIP as well as UIC. After the success of the 7-inch human machine interface DMI2177, ErvoCom is now launching the DMI2207, a 10.4-inch touch HMI that can be used in many ways to control different rolling stock systems. The Train Attendant Intercoms will be used for the first time in SBB's ICN trains. The DMI2207 gets the baptism of fire in Stadler's new rail vehicle for Tramway du Mont-Blanc.

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ErvoCom has received two new orders from SBB for the modernization of ICN trains and will supply 308 units of digital audio amplifiers PAS2171 and 52 units of UIC gateways uCOB2200. Thanks to the contract, the Schwyz-based company will be able to supply five different system components (FGSS2197, PAS2197, TAI2197, TAI2207 and uCOB2200) for the ICN long-distance train type, which allows to provide to the customers complete solutions for announcement and intercom (PAN) systems.

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The universal Communication Box uCOB2200 serves as a universal audio communication interface, which can be used as a train-attendant or conductor telephone, driver's telephone in the driver's cab for communication with passengers or as a gateway for communication from VoIP-SIP to UIC. Interfaces are available for handset, gooseneck microphone and loudspeaker, so that the audio equipment can be fully adapted to the needs of each customer. No matter if a call has to be set up via UIC or LAN (using VoIP-SIP), the uCOB2200 offers all interfaces and possibilities for the specific communication requirements.

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As part of the retrofit of the ICN long-distance trains, SBB had launched new tenders for the modernization of the passenger information system. ErvoCom was able to win the tender and will supply modern train assistance intercom (ZBSS) with multi-touch screens starting from 2021, which will be used for communication between the train attendant and the passengers and the train driver. Both ZBSS with 7" display and a 10.1" ZBSS version with integrated UIC gateway are included in the scope of delivery. With the development of this new intercom terminal unit ErvoCom has made a meaningful addition to its product portfolio, so that in the future a complete solution for intercom and public address system in the train can be offered.




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At the end of 2019 Zürich Airport AG launched a tender for the renewal of its radio system. ErvoCom prevailed against all competition and was awarded the contract for the planning and implementation of a new Tetra radio system at Zurich Airport. ErvoCom's extensive experience in the development of radio applications tailored to customer requirements and its ability to meet the highest quality standards combined with an excellent price/performance ratio were decisive factors in ErvoCom winning this prestigious project. The project will be implemented in several phases till mid of 2021, so that Zurich Airport will soon be able to utilize reliable radio communications solutions made by ErvoCom.  



Mini etsi mitgliedschaft

With the successful entry into the LTE-MCX market and the development of the TRS2190 based on LTE Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT), ErvoCom has decided to become a member of ETSI and UNIFE and and to participate in the TOBA working group of UIC. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI is an important standardization organization and is important for ErvoCom in order to be able to actively participate in the further development of communication solutions in the field of Mission Critical (MCX) communications and in the future FRMCS (successor technology to GSM-R). UNIFE is the association of the European railway industry and represents the companies of the railway supply industry in Europe. ErvoCom is now actively involved in the TOBA group of the international union of railways UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer) in the designing  of the on-board architecture of the FRMCS standard.

ErvoCom's membership in the various committees underlines its growing role and will help to actively shape the technologies of the future and further expand its technological leadership in the field of on-board systems. We're delighted to offer our customers even more innovative communication solutions based on the latest standards.