Metro Mexico City

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The train communication of the fifth largest metro network in the world is equiped with radio systems by ErvoCom. For the first time, we delivered our Train Radio System as IP65 variation. This reduces servicing and maintenance costs, especially in tropical areas due to increased levels of air humidity.

In addition to functionalities such as group calls, emergency calls and the transmission of short messages, we further integrated a positioning function into the solution for Mexico City.

Train drivers and the control center can transmit their annoucements directly to the passengers via a dispatcher.

Additional functions
  • Localization of trains through GPS
  • Passenger announcements via dispachter working station
Technology TETRA
Business partner Sice, Motorola & Thales


Metro Mexico City - Retrofit of exisiting train radio system
Sistema de Transporte Colectivo - Mexico City
Project realization
2014 - 2015