Tyne and Wear Metro

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The Tyne & Wear Metro in Newcastle has awarded Stadler Rail a contract to supply 42 metro trains in 2020 and has contracted ErvoCom to supply Tetra-based train radio systems. Each rail vehicle will be equipped with a central control unit ZSE2130 as a 19" rack and two Human Machine Interfaces CoCo2137. The system was customized to the customer's functional processes, so that, for example, the GUI was given a new interface. Furthermore, a TCMS interface was integrated so that information from the TRS2090 could be transmitted. The successful acceptance of the train radio system on site with the customer and end customer took place in August 2023.


Additional functions

- Customer-specific adaptations of the functional processes

- TCMS integration

Technology Tetra
Business partner Stadler Rail


Tyne and Wear Metro - Train Radio Systems für Metro Newcastle UK
Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro
Project realization