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Thanks to the high level of customer satisfaction, ErvoCom has succeeded in winning another major order from SBB in 2019. This was the contract for the development of the FGSS2197 passenger intercom system. The passenger intercom is used to contact the locomotive driver, train attendant or a central office (e.g. railway police) and is installed in the various cars in the train. The voice is transmitted digitally via modern VoIP-SIP technology. SBB has concluded a framework agreement with ErvoCom for the delivery of 2’691 FGSS2197 passenger intercom units. After the successful acceptance in 2019, the first lots were delivered the following year.

Additional functions

Provides ambient noise measurement for other systems

Digital input port for external inputs such as the emergency brake and additional remote button

Technology VOIP-SIP


Swiss Federal Railways SBB - Passenger intercoms for SBB trains
Project realization