Caltrain (USA)

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Caltrain is an American railway company in California and is one of the most important railways around the Bay of San Francisco. In 2016, Stadler Rail had been awarded a contract to deliver 16 double-decker trains (type KISS) and had selected ErvoCom/Railcom as the supplier for the train radio system. The scope of delivery includes 32 train radio system TRS2090 including a customer-specific UIC Option Board for connecting to the passenger intercom units. Another customer specific feature was the integration of the IM-interface to connect on-board data bus with the TRS2090. Since the customer has already exercised the option for further trains, there will be additional deliveries in 2021.

Additional functions

UIC Option Board

Integration IM-Interface

Technology Analog
Business partner Railcom
Partner Stadler Rail


Caltrain (USA) - Train Radio System TRS2090 for Stadler double-decker trains KISS
Project realization
2018 - 2021