Central fire deparment Pfäffikon

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By switching off the old ISDN network, existing telephone lines can no longer be used. Therefore, the fire department Pfäffikon has decided to replace the outdated telephone system with a new and modern communication solution of ErvoCom.

As a key component of the system renewal an unified user-interface is used, which integrates all the different communication technologies such as telephony and radio communication. Over the customizable telephone book and the fast dial buttons people can be reached in a very efficient and quick way. By using only one device as communication central the workstation requires less space which results in a clear and tidy work environment.

For additional redundancy, the system includes an LTE module, which automatically connects to the mobile network in case of Internet loss, thereby the operation can be ensured at any time.

Additional functions

Usage of Bluetooth headset for telephony

Internet redundancy over LTE

Global telephone book for multiple fire departments

Technology Analog radio, Polycom, VoIP-SiP telephony, LTE, Bluetooth


Central fire deparment Pfäffikon - New and modern communication workplace
Project realization