Football associations

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Already for many years ErvoCom maintains good cooperation with various partners. With assistance of our retailers we aim to improve the lives of referees on football pitches around the globe.

Based on ongoing feedback from international associatons and retailers, we constantly ameliorate our referee system. This close cooperation leads to many partnerships, which we aim to maintain and strengthen in the future.

Our referee paging systems are in use since 2000 for various international games and large events. Some references:

  • All European Championships and World Cups since 2000
  • Olympic Games in Atlanta and Seoul
  • Equipment of UEFA referees since 2000
  • FIFA equipment for different football events and games since 2000
  • Various National Football Associations such as: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Ireland
  • Most UEFA and FIFA referees worldwide

In 2014, ErvoCom supplied FIFA with 1000 Referee Paging Systems for the promotion of football in Third World Countries.

Additional functions
  • Radio communication between head and assistance referees
Business partner Reftools, Allzweck, Schiedsrichterwelt


Football associations - FIFA, UEFA, international associations and referees
Project realization
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