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Siemens Transportation managed to win a large public transport mandate in North America. The delivery of these trains requires a total number of 230 train radio systems.

In addition to Public Adressing (PA), the train radio systems should include an Intercom function, to facilitate communication between the driver's cab and train staff. By extending the option board, ErvoCom managed to meet requirements set by Siemens and get an order for the Train Radio System.

We already delivered the initial order of 10 devices.

Additional functions
  • Public Adressing (PA), direct announcements from driver's cab to passenger area
  • Public Adressing (PA), direct announcements from control center via radio to passenger area
  • Intercom (IC), communication between train staff and driver's cab
  • DTMF Decoding, evaluation of multifrequency dialing procedure, mainly used in analog telephony
Technology Analog / DMR
Business partner Motorola, Railcom


Siemens - Train communication for public transportation
Siemens Transportation
Project realization
2015 -