Radio Frequency Identification RFID2147

Using the RFID from ErvoCom, it is possible to locate a person in a room or inside a building. During development the focus of the engineers was on a RFID with long lifetime, reliable electronic and easy installation.

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    RFID2147 in-wall

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    RFID2147 IP65 outdoor

In day-to-day business, security increasingly plays a very important role. Especially, in sensitive industries like the financial sector or in emergency services, security aspects are of highest importance. As a result, the demand for security systems is steadily increasing. The standard RFID products from different manufacturers often have limited functionality with confined coverage. In such standard products, only passive RFID's are used.

With the custom designed acitve and passive RFID tags, ErvoCom sets a new trend in the indoor locationing system. Independent of the wireless technology (GSM, Tetra, DMR) in use, the designs are often tailored down to meet the requirements of the customer. Active RFID is available in two versions, a battery powered version and a mains connected version. Each RFID2147 is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor. It turns on only when a person is in the vicinity of the RFID. Therefore, our device consumes less power with negligible EMI radiation.

We further offer a multi-functional RFID2147, which can be used in indoor as well as outdoor environments.


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  • Wireless active detection of security staff
  • Adjustable transmit power
  • Echo mode to eliminate interferance from nearby RFID's, even in small spaces
  • Coverage range up to 50m (depending on ambiance condition)
  • Operates in standby mode
  • IP67 housing for outdoor usage 
  • Power supply or battery mode
  • Configuration via air interface
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