Audio Splitter ASP23

The Audio Splitter ASP23 is an active microphone amplifier that splits the audio signal towards two different subsystems on the train. Using this device within the driver's cab allows for saving audio accessories to be used, which is also space saving. The reduction of equipment results in increased comfort and user-friendliness for the train operator besides additional cost saving aspects.

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Typically, in the driver's cab, there are various communication systems that need to be operated by the train driver. For example, in the case of train radio and the audio passenger information system, separate audio accessories are often installed. This can lead to a cluttered cab, as the cabin space is usually quite limited. Furthermore, operational procedures become more complex since multiple microphones must be used for different functions. The active Audio Splitter ASP23 by ErvoCom reduces the number of microphones by half and allows to distribute the audio signal to two different systems. Unlike passive splitters, this device actively amplifies and electrically isolates the audio signal. Additionally, the gain for both audio outputs can be individually adjusted. This way, the Audio Splitter can route the audio signal to two independent systems with different audio level requirements. The device features three knobs that can be adjusted individually. The input knob allows to choose between an electret microphone with phantom power, a dynamic microphone, and a line-in signal. The two output knobs allow individual gain adjustments for the respective output channels, ranging from 0 to 50 dB.

The ASP23 comes in a very compact housing with the dimensions 130mm x 100mm x 40mm and can be installed anywhere in the cab. The device is powered by 24VDC and has the necessary railroad conformity according to EN50155 and EN45545-2.



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  • Microphone savings lead to simplification of operational processes and increased user-friendliness for the train operator
  • Cost savings on audio accessories and spare parts
  • Active amplification of the audio signal, including impedance conversion
  • Audio output signals are electrically isolated and can have different gain levels
  • Output gain can be adjusted in 5 levels (0 ... + 50 dB)
  • Compatibility with different microphone types (electret or dynamic microphone)
  • Line input with electrical isolation and the ability to attenuate the audio signal
  • Railway compliance according to EN 50155, (OT3+ST1, -25°C to +70°C)


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