Passenger Intercom PICO22

The PICO22 is a passenger intercom for rail vehicles, which is used as a communication interface between the passengers, the train driver and the control center. The voice transmission takes place digitally via VoIP-SIP, using the latest transmission technology, which enables outstanding audio quality.

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With the development of the Passenger Intercom PICO22, ErvoCom launches a VOIP-SIP intercom specifically designed for the LRT and Metro market. The device impresses with an even slimmer design, so that the PICO22 can be installed anywhere on the train, even in the tightest areas. Furthermore, special attention has been paid to measures against vandalism by providing mechanical intrusion protection and splash protection. Scripture is protected from peeling-off by means of anodized sub-layer printing.

Voice communication is provided via VOIP-SIP by using the Ethernet port at the rear side, which is also used for power supply (PoE). By using the newest audio processors, acoustic feedback from the loudspeaker as well as ambient noise can be filtered out highly effectively. This enables the PICO22 to provide excellent speech intelligibility for all call participants even at high driving speeds with a lot of ambient noise. The call is initialized by pressing the button, and all call states are displayed intuitively by means of acoustic signaling and visually via LED’s. Furthermore, the intercom unit can also be used as a measuring microphone to determine ambient noise. The PICO22 determines a sound pressure level, which is transmitted via Ethernet interface. These measured values can be used as the basis for dynamic volume control of the audio amplifiers.

The PICO22 can be ordered as part of the ErvoCom PIS audio solution PAN or as a stand-alone component for integration into a customer-owned system solution.


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  • Digital voice communication (full duplex) via VoIP-SIP with outstanding voice quality due to integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Extremely flat design for installation in tight spaces (e.g. door installation)
  • Acoustic and visual call signaling via LED bar, illuminated pushbutton ring and loudspeaker
  • Highest security against vandalism, thanks to mechanical intrusion protection and resistant anodized sub-layer printing
  • EN50155, EN45545-2 conformity





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