Development and Manufacturing

Ideas are the starting point of every innovative product. Thereby, knowing customer needs and promoting entrepreneurial spirit are of highest priority to ensure a successful implementation. As technology leader in telecommunications we constantly develop our existing products further. By doing so, we ensure that our clients benefit from a highly innovative product portfolio, with a level of quality that endures over many years.

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ErvoCom Engineering disposes of a high-capacity team of experienced hardware engineers, who are responsible for the physical development of our products. In hardware development we constantly follow the highest quality standards in order to ensure the reliability of our products. We specifically consider the different norms and certifications, as most products are verified by a third party after the main development steps. For example, our Train Radio Systems are certified with EN50155 for Railway Applications. With such accurate certifications we provide our customers with a high level protection for innovation.

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Customer needs for high flexibility constantly increase. Therefore, it is important for us to efficiently fabricate the first prototype series in-house. ErvoCom disposes of a modern infrastructure, which enables us to produce electronic as well as mechanic components within our own company walls. An important part are further high-precision measurement tools in our facilities, which we use for our internal prototype testing. Following the fabrication of a prototype we run for instance specific temperature cycles with assistance of a conditioning cabinet. Results of the different cycles serve as decision basis for the launch of serial productions.

ErvoCom reacts to adjustments in customer wishes in an efficient manner and with a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to our infrastructure and dedicated employees, we fulfill highest quality aspects during the internal fabrication of prototypes.

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In addition to hardware development, our software engineers are a core element of our organization. We trust in a mix of experienced and recently trained developers. With access to the latest software tools our engineers help to develop highly modern and innovative programs and products. Our modular software architecture provides customers with the possibility to upgrade products and functions gradually and successively.

ErvoCom closely collaborates with the Technical University of Rapperswil (HSR) in order to constantly be up to date with latest technological developments and future trends.

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As ErvoCom we decided to outsource the serial production of individual components. With the help of this measure we can flexibly adapt to changing market circumstances and provide our customers with high value for money.

In order to fulfill the high quality requirements, we evaluate our corporate partners with regards to quality and company policy. This evaluation further considers suppliers as part of internal quality management and thereby ensures highest reliability in serial production. Graf Elektronik in Dornbirn (AT) figures as a leading partner in the production of etched wiring boards. The company possesses of modern infrastructure and employs approximately 140 employees.

Assembling of individual components takes always place in-house. The main advantage thereby is that each and every system is tested once more by our experienced employees.

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Reliability and quality are high on our agenda and a key element of the internal company policy at ErvoCom. Therefore, we introduced a multistage testing method for evaluation and monitoring purposes.

Each individual component runs through four testing systems:

  • AOI Test (optical evaluation with assistance of special equipment)
  • Flying Probe Test (electronic evaluation)
  • automated functional test of individual component with assistance of self-developed testing system and automated testing protocols
  • functional test of complete system including evaluation protocol

Our constantly improved quality- and evaluation processes assure clients to acquire only products that match with highest quality standards.