Consulting and Project Management


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In order to develop a solution that optimally corresponds to client needs and expectations, ErvoCom offers extensive consulting services. As part of this service we provide for example radiocommunication planning with predication calculation methods in the area of Critical Communication. Moreover, we develop for instance applications that fit customer needs in the field of train systems.

Together with the client, we elaborate concepts that go in line with customer's internal processes. These concepts are implemented in a cost-efficient way and with high level protection of innovation. Following this, clients possess of a system that is harmonized with operational business processes. Our solutions can be enlarged piece by piece or completely converted to match with the latest technological developments.

Project Management

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In addition to our high quality products, corresponding project management is a key concept in our business model. In order to successfully implement solutions for our customers, ErvoCom provides clients with experienced project managers to professionally accompany you during the course of the project.

Together with customers, project managers coordinate client-specific developments, product delivery along the whole supply chain as well as various milestones such as Factory Acception Test (FAT), installation and System Acception Test (SAT).