Communication Console 2177

The CoCo2177 is the flagship product of ErvoCom and is developed for customers who have the highest requirements for functionality and reliability. With its IP65 housing, the CoCo2177 has a slim installation profile and a sturdy build, which compliments its modern design and intuitive user interface.

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    Capacitive touch & keypad

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    Connection over Ethernet / RS485 interface

Thanks to the integrated 7-inch capacitive color touchscreen, users are able to effortlessly navigate through an intuitive user interface, which is tailored to meet the individual needs of customers.  Supplementing the touchscreen are traditional keys for navigation and operation of the CoCo2177.

In order to bring to our customers a high level of modularity, the design integrates a powerful processor and mini-PCI slot. Via this internal PCI-Slot it is possible to connect one from a long list of modules, such as a Wifi, Bluetooth or Harddisk expansions.

Primary connectivity is made over an RS485 interface which enables the CoCo2177 to maintain compatibility with the CoCo2137 and the CoCo2167.  Alternatively, it also has the capability to connect via Ethernet for more demanding applications such as VoIP.

Audio Accessories
The CoCo2177 is a huge technological step forward, which has resulted in a product with the highest audio quality.  The internal DSP (digital signal processor) allow us to process and digitize the audio signals in real-time. Through techniques such as noise cancellation, echo compensation and equalization, it is possible to work with audio from just about any acoustic environment.  All of this leads to outstanding audio quality, free of noise, distortion or disturbance.



  • Electret microphone
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Handset 0.5W
  • Cabin loudspeaker 6W
  • Additional digital inputs and outputs


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
ErvoCom International AG
Firststrasse 29
8835 Feusisberg
+41 (0)55 460 28 00


  • Full Aluminum Body
  • 7-inch IPS Color Display
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Emergency key with unique double embossing
  • 10 Function keys
  • Ingress Protection IP65
  • Brightness sensor for night & day mode
  • Keypad backlight with separate brightness control for emergency button
  • USB, Ethernet, RS485 Interface
  • Mini PCI Option Board Slot for Bluetooth, Harddisk, Wifi, etc.
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